What’s in a Name? Getting a Blog Started

Thursday, 22 October 2009, 18:39 | Category : Education Technology
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I just came from a meeting of Educational Psychology and Educational Technology (EPET) doc students here at MSU.  We are on a mission to create and contribute to a blog as a community of learners.   We are doctoral students thinking about, studying, understanding and analyzing the fields of psychology and technology as it relates to education.  Our interest areas are vast: gaming, new literacies, social networking, cognition and learning, reading comprehension, school policy and digital writing are just a few. Our initial task is to create a name for the blog and select a domain that will be both attractive to potential followers and easy to remember and share with our colleagues.  This quick post is about that task: choosing a name.


I think that one of the most challenging tasks of setting up a blog is coming up with a name.  We’d like it to be catchy, creative, and capture a shared philosophy of inquiry and learning…but not seem too stuffy, after all, we are just looking to create a venue for communicating, practicing the craft of writing and connecting with others who may have shared interests.  It’s an interesting process, selecting a name.  Drawing upon our collective educational history, we discussed traditional methods of titling, however, we cannot compose a piece and then scan the text looking for the key concept or standout phrase.  Titling a blog is much more complicated.  The composition does not exist…yet…and we, as a group, need to determine just the right words that will help us set the tone for the thoughts and ideas yet to spill forth.  We did try various techniques: brainstorming, listing, discussing research interests, creating acronyms, all to no avail. We sat, computers open, searching for available domain names.  You see, in addition to selecting at blog title that commands attention, you must first make certain that the name (or parts of the name) are available as a domain name.  Not an obstacle you often run up against as you select a title for your five paragraph essay.  Finally, our visionary, Michelle, determined that we were spending a bit too much of our precious meeting time on the name.  Taking a break from something, letting it brew, sometimes can be the most efficient use of time.  We agreed to break, coming back to it individually in the upcoming days.  No name yet, and I have to come up with some suggestions to send to Mete, our blog pollster.  I’m going to play around with the Educational Jargon Generator and see what I can come up with!  If you have any suggestions, please comment!

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