All About Me

Learning is an inspiring journey.  Thanks for stopping by and taking a moment to be inspired with me.  I’m a lower peninsula transplant, my roots still grounded in family and friends in the beautiful Upper Peninsula.  A 14 year veteran special education teacher, I decided to venture off in a new direction.  I met (and consequently fell in love) with my husband and the most amazing opportunity practically fell in my lap–the opportunity to leave K-12 education and chase my dream–to study and learn about education technologies and the impact this wave has on teaching and learning. I spent nearly two years in the PhD program at MSU and wouldn’t trade a second of my time there.  After much thought and deliberation, I decided to end my quest for a PhD and graduated with a 2nd Master’s Degree in Educational Technology.  I now spend my time as a work-from-home Mom, volunteering at our children’s elementary school, spreading the technology love and homeschooling our 9 year old son.  I continue to learn and grow in so many ways.  I enjoy my time as a part-time instructor for MAET and how it keeps me connected to the world of K-12 education.

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