Wicked Problems: Tech and Teacher Learning

Borko, H., Whitcomb, J., & Liston, D. (2009). Wicked Problems and Other Thoughts on Issues of Technology and Teacher Learning. Journal of Teacher Education, 60(1), 3-7. doi: 10.1177/0022487108328488 Editorial: Journal of Teacher Education, theme issue: Innovative Uses of Technology for Teacher Learning Wicked Problem: problem that include a large number of complex variables. The fast [...]

Teachers, Writers, Leaders

Educational Leadership Teachers, Writers, Leaders Lieberman and Friedrich capture the essence teacher leaders.  Much has been written about leadership, defining, what it takes to be a leader, lead a company, a project, a group; yet leadership in education is different.  The authors proclaim that teacher leaders are the key to school reform.  If this is [...]

Creating a Circle of Learning

What a great overview of the shared experience repeated by so many teachers who participate in a National Writing Project Summer Institute. I’ve been involved with NWP for the past four years and through my interactions with teachers both at the local, state and national level, the message is clear: the NWP model is a [...]

Networks as Learning Communities: Shaping the Future of Teacher Development

In many schools, both K-12 and higher education, there is a no expectation for active participation and organizational support as a critical part of the school environment.  Whereas networks are sensitive to the notion that building a sense of community through the creation of collaborative groups is an essential component for the development of a [...]

Teachers’ Technological Pedagogical Content Knowledge and Learning Activity Types: Curriculum-Based Technology Integration Reframed

Many people assume that a computer in classroom automatically makes it a technologically advanced learning environment.  Throw in a few iPods, a SMARTBoard and start a blog and you it is automatically assumed that students are gaining the technology skills needed for the “21st Century“.  For the last decade or more our schools have been [...]

Defining Education

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This was an assignment, but I am going to be posting my writing (regardless of the initial purpose) to the blog, serving a dual purpose, as a place to gather my reflections in one place, creating a collection of thoughts for me to build upon. General knowledge is essential, but not enough. It is not [...]

Thinking Out Loud

Research Development Portfolio My initial thoughts: Student success is directly linked to teacher quality. Many teachers aren’t fully comfortable in a classroom until their experience level reaches between five and seven years. If school districts are to retain quality instructors within the field of education, then they need to develop meaningful, continuous, engaging forms of [...]