Wicked Problems: Tech and Teacher Learning

Borko, H., Whitcomb, J., & Liston, D. (2009). Wicked Problems and Other Thoughts on Issues of Technology and Teacher Learning. Journal of Teacher Education, 60(1), 3-7. doi: 10.1177/0022487108328488 Editorial: Journal of Teacher Education, theme issue: Innovative Uses of Technology for Teacher Learning Wicked Problem: problem that include a large number of complex variables. The fast [...]

Teachers’ Technological Pedagogical Content Knowledge and Learning Activity Types: Curriculum-Based Technology Integration Reframed

Many people assume that a computer in classroom automatically makes it a technologically advanced learning environment.  Throw in a few iPods, a SMARTBoard and start a blog and you it is automatically assumed that students are gaining the technology skills needed for the “21st Century“.  For the last decade or more our schools have been [...]