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This page serves as a companion site to my Guilford publication, Mindful Teaching with Technology: Digital Diligence in the English Language Arts, Grades 6-12 (2021).

Set for release on October 29, 2021, visitors to my website can receive a special offer for my book from Guilford Press: to save 25% on the book, please use Promotion Code “AF2E” without the quotes.

Links on this companion site that are provided here were active as of June 1, 2021, and are presented in the order they appear in the book.

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Thank you for creating effective digital learning experiences for your students and colleagues. ~ Troy Hicks


Chapter 1: The Case for Digital Diligence in English Language Arts Classrooms

Chapter 2: Planning for Purposeful Arcs of Instruction

Interlude: Web Browsers and Extensions/Add-Ons

Chapter 3: Protecting Privacy

Chapter 4: Maximizing Our Own Attention

Chapter 5: Popping Filter Bubbles and Breaking Algorithms

Chapter 6: Understanding How Knowledge Gets Created and Circulated

Interlude: Repurposing Existing Materials and a Brief Overview of Copyright, Fair Use, Creative Commons, and the Public Domain

Chapter 7: Extending Opportunities for Digital Writing

Chapter 8: Embracing Opportunities for Connected Reading

Chapter 9: Conclusion

  • PDF handout from The Center for the Collaborative Classroom, with materials from Zemelman, Daniels, and Hyde embedded. For a version of the “Increase/Decrease” chart, see page 37 in the PDF.

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