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Hey, like the new banner?

When I was talking with other Tech Liaisons a few weeks ago in Chico, Writely was one of the hot topics. With the potential for real-time collaboration, Writely finally delivers what many teachers using technology in their writing classrooms have been asking for over the past many years that Word couldn’t seem to deliver (at least not in a user-friendly fashion). Along with real-time editing, it can save versions for quick comparisons, invite collaborators, be published easily to a blog or website, be tracked with RSS, and be saved online. No more lost disks (or, is it jump drives now?). I will write more on Writely later, but this is just a brief overview of some of its capabilities.

At any rate, I thought that I would try to make a decent banner and create the image as the link. I stole some CSS code from Rob, who assured me that I would figure this out on my own some day. Well, I did, with a little help…

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  1. Troy,

    My love of writely grows! Visit http://klmccomas.net/cd422 and see the syllabus link to the right (if you’re interested, also visit the handouts page). I have tons of docs in manila blogs and have decided to take the responsibility for hosting my own work so I’m moving them. I put them all in writely for now, and think I do really like how I can link to the latest version on a weblog and just have the students access from there for right now.

    I was thinking how useful this might be to let students “watch” one of my papers grow and develop – especially as they work through developing their own papers or projects.

    BTW, love the new banner!


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