Back Up and Running

Well, what a new year it has been for me as a technology learner…

Recently, and I am not sure exactly when, my blog was hacked and turned into a Canadian Pharmacy outlet. Thanks to Aram for pointing that out to me since I pledged to stay off my blog until the new semester officially began.

So, today was spent learning lots about PHP, SQL, and the back end of Word Press. More time than I want to admit, but as my friends on Facebook noted, that’s the only way that you learn.

Given the fact that I was able to save the content of my blog — which I almost gave up on and did a full reinstall of Word Press through Fantastico — I am feeling much better tonight. Odd how we become attached to something like a blog, but I felt like I was about to delete an old friend.

Glad I didn’t have to.

At any rate, this is a somewhat silly post for my first one of 2009, but it is what it is. And, to celebrate, I changed my theme. I will play with that more later. Right now, I need to get a few other things done before calling it a night.

So, thanks again to Aram for the heads up and a reminder to everyone that when your hosting service tells you to update your scripts because they are vulnerable, you better listen.

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