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This page serves as a companion site to my Guilford publication, Mindful Teaching with Technology: Digital Diligence in the English Language Arts, Grades 6-12 (2021).

Links provided here were active as of June 1, 2021, and are presented in the order they appear in the book.

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Thank you for creating effective digital learning experiences for your students and colleagues. ~ Troy Hicks


Chapter 1: The Case for Digital Diligence in English Language Arts Classrooms

Chapter 2: Planning for Purposeful Arcs of Instruction

Interlude: Web Browsers and Extensions/Add-Ons

Chapter 3: Protecting Privacy

Chapter 4: Maximizing Our Own Attention

Chapter 5: Popping Filter Bubbles and Breaking Algorithms

Chapter 6: Understanding How Knowledge Gets Created and Circulated

Interlude: Repurposing Existing Materials and a Brief Overview of Copyright, Fair Use, Creative Commons, and the Public Domain

Chapter 7: Extending Opportunities for Digital Writing

Chapter 8: Embracing Opportunities for Connected Reading

Chapter 9: Conclusion

  • PDF handout from The Center for the Collaborative Classroom, with materials from Zemelman, Daniels, and Hyde embedded. For a version of the “Increase/Decrease” chart, see page 37 in the PDF.

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