NCTE Middle Grades Tech

This page has been created as a companion site to the National Council of Teachers of English book Literacies Before Technologies Making Digital Tools Matter for Middle Grades Learners by Troy Hicks (Central Michigan University) and Jill Runstrom (Ann Arbor Public Schools).

Chapter 1: A Year Unlike Any Other

Resources from Jenny Sanford’s Vignette, “In-Person/Virtual Collaborative Book Clubs”

Chapter 2: Unpacking the Position Statement

Chapter 3: Close Reading with Digital Tools

Resources from “Inviting Audio Books into the ELA Classroom” by Megan Kowalski

Resources from Chapter 3’s Extensions, Adaptations, and Additional Resources

Resources from Towanda Harris’s “Learning Ways: A Path to Student Connection”

Chapter 4: Writing to Research, Inform, and Explain

Resources from Chapter 4’s Final Thoughts

Resources from “Project Imagine the Future” by Blaine Smith

Chapter 5: Reading Literary Texts in Substantive Ways

Chapter 6: Arguing and Persuading Across Media

From the Classroom: “Integrating Technology to Support Text Production” by Detra Price-Dennis

Chapter 7: Toward Hybridity

Appendix 1: Sources listed in Annotated Bibliography


Appendix 2: “The Next Decade of Digital Writing”

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