Chapter 1: Offering Invitations

The Heart of Our Why Photo by Andy Schoenborn

In this chapter, Troy Hicks and Andy Schoenborn describe their stance of invitation in detail. They argue that offering invitations creates confident writers by:

  • Providing opportunities for innovative genres and authentic audiences;
  • Introducing generative patterns of peer response;
  • Balancing a sense of structure with possibilities for exploration;
  • Demonstrating flexible aspects of writing that can contribute to an author’s craft.

Here are the links presented in the chapter, in order:

Creating Confident Writers: Writing Grows Out of Many Purposes (Textbox)

Creating Confidence from the First Moments

Activity 1.1: Creating Space for Creative Writing

Activity 1.2: Trending Topics

The Heart of Our Why Photo by Andy Schoenborn
The Heart of Our Why (Photo by Andy Schoenborn)

Activity 1.3: Digital Identity Narratives

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