Chapter 4: Responding to Reading

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In this chapter, Troy Hicks and Andy Schoenborn build on their stance of encouragement. They argue that scaffolding students into assigned and individual-choice reading creates confident writers by:

  • Connecting the reading and writing process in authentic ways;
  • Acknowledging student interests through choice of topic and response style;
  • Utilizing digital tools to maintain reading momentum as students capture noteworthy moments;
  • Continuing to welcome them into academic conversations with published authors and peers.

Here are the links presented in the chapter, in order:

4.1 BookSnaps

Building on the idea of Tara Martin’s #BookSnaps and employing the “book, head, heart” framework from Beers and Probst, these examples show how two of Andy’s students responded to key passages in Angie Thomas’s The Hate U Give.

4.2: They Say/I Say Quick Writes

Students engage in a series of timed quick writes loosely based on the Gerald Graff’s and Cathy Birkenstein’s “They Say / I Say” academic writing moves, many of which are captured in this Google Doc, curated by Dave Stuart Jr.

4.3: Responding to Reading with Literary Lenses

Activity 4.4: Joining the Contemporary Conversation

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