Chapter 5: Feedback and Revision

Photo by Štefan Štefan?ík on Unsplash

In this chapter, Troy Hicks and Andy Schoenborn build on their stance of encouragement. They argue that providing substantive feedback and opportunities for revision creates confident writers by:

  • Viewing one’s own writing through the eyes of a reader;
  • Responding to feedback students receive to acknowledge, consider, and explain rhetorical moves;
  • Celebrating what the writer does well, acknowledging positive moments, and encouraging revision with gentle nudges;
  • Utilizing digital tools to share valuable resources, revision techniques, and personalized lessons.

Here are the links presented in the chapter, in order:

Activity 5.1: Empowering Students to Provide Substantive Feedback

Activity 5.2: Enhancing Revision with Digital Feedback

Activity 5.3: Revise and Resubmit

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