Re: EduFlickr posts… they’re like buses!

Thanks, David, for referencing my post about students using Flickr as a part of a digital photography/writing lesson. Your post has links to tons of other great ideas that I hope to explore.


Author: Troy Hicks

Dr. Troy Hicks is a professor of English and education at Central Michigan University. He directs both the Chippewa River Writing Project and the Master of Arts in Educational Technology degree program. A former middle school teacher, Dr. Hicks has authored numerous books, articles, chapters, blog posts, and other resources broadly related to the teaching of literacy in our digital age. Follow him on Twitter: @hickstro

One thought on “Re: EduFlickr posts… they’re like buses!”

  1. You are more than welcome. 🙂 I’m glad you found my post useful.

    Just to complete the mutual admiration… I found your description of the students’ enthusiasm inspiring which is why I referenced your post in the first place.


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