So Long, Writely (Banner)

Well, it had to happen someday.

Out of curiosity, today I upgraded my Word Press install, against the sage warning from Fantastico that I shouldn’t if I had messed with any of the CSS or themes on my blog.

I ignored the warning.

As you can see, however, I was able to find a nice new theme, and I think that WordPress 2.2.2 has some nifty features, including a widget-style interface for controlling your sidebar and easily adding in RSS driven widgets from places like Flickr, Twitter, Google Reader, and the like.


So, if you are viewing this in your aggregator, I hope that you hop out to take a look at the site.

(There’s no advertising there, so this isn’t like a bait and switch. I promise).

And, if you don’t want to see my site, well, jump out and subscribe to the K12Online Conference instead because it starts in a month and they are sending out teasers for the presentations.

Even cooler.

More soon. Have a great weekend.

2 thoughts on “So Long, Writely (Banner)”

  1. Hi Karen,

    Thanks — I found it on my first peek through the theme collection, so that was good!

    Things are going well. The students are engaged and willing to try new things. My colleagues are very supportive and fun to work with. And I am still able to stay connected to the writing project work. So, it’s all good so far!

    How are your classes going this fall (both teaching and taking)?

    Talk to you soon,

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