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This promises to be an interesting new twist on the scholarship of teaching. I’ll be watching:

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Children and Puppets and Rats, Oh My TCR Welcomes After Ed TV

by Gary Natriello ? January 18, 2008

A new short-form web video channel joins the TCR home page

For 2008 the Teachers College Record is beginning a bit of an experiment by welcoming to its home page After Ed TV, a new web video channel produced at the EdLab at Teachers College. The mission of After Ed is to bring new thinking in the education sector to a wide audience through engaging short-form video. The channel syndicates its content using a video player that can be deployed on any webpage just like it appears on the TCR home page. Complete details on After Ed, including instructions for adding it to any webpage, are available at the main website at There you will find the complete directory of current and past After Ed shows along with a blog in which producers of individual shows discuss the production process. The After Ed player at TCR will present a new video lineup every Friday.

After Ed takes it name from the notion that the rapid pace of change in the post-industrial era has the potential to move the education sector into a decidedly different stage than that which dominated the 20th century. The contours of this new or “after” stage are not entirely clear, but After Ed takes seriously its goal of highlighting the stresses and strains on existing educational systems as well as the growing number of clues about the future of learning.

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