NOVA Videos Available for Free Use

Today, I got an email from Karinna from WGBH in Boston — this sounds like an incredible resource!

Just in time for the new school year, the critically-acclaimed season of NOVA scienceNOW is now available for free download directly from its Web site. Wrapping up its third season this summer, this magazine-style science series from the producers of NOVA covers a wide range of science subjects—everything from brain surgery to smart bridges, from living leeches to long-extinct mammoths–and spotlights innovative and diverse scientists. We’re sure NOVA scienceNOW will provide your readers with dynamic and valuable material they can use in their classrooms this fall, and hope that you’ll consider posting about this new content on Digital Writing, Digital Teaching!

Segments can be downloaded from
Just click the “Download Videos” tab to see what’s available.

4 thoughts on “NOVA Videos Available for Free Use”

  1. Troy, thanks for the heads up! I love this show and had never gone online to the site. I look forward to selecting some of the segments for science instruction, and I see this as a great way to make connections between my students’ scientific inquiry and that of scientists worldwide. You are so cool. So is PBS.

  2. Thanks, Heather.

    I am glad that these will be of help and I look forward to seeing how you use the videos.

    Good luck with all your back to school busy-ness!


  3. Great to see word about open WGBH content getting out. Another initiative we have that might be a good resource for teachers is the WGBH Lab Sandbox — open-rights clips from shows and newsreels that can be used for editing. Could help supplement a class on media!

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