Playing with Podcasts


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Here, Tonya has captured me in a frantic state, trying to encode an MP3 in Audacity, download the Our Media installer, and trying to run one of our group sessions. Yikes!

I guess that this reminds me how often I take for granted the fact that I can usually multi-task without too many problems and when the technology gets in the way, it can be a real stumbling block for anyone. A good thing to keep in mind when facilitating any tech workshop…

Welcome to Digital Writing, Digital Teaching

This site is at least my third attempt to integrate blogging into my day-to-day professional life. This time, I am making a pledge to blog on a regular basis and begin conversing with my many NWP colleagues who are blogging, too. I am at the Tech Matters Institute this week, so there is no better time to begin doing so.

Tonight, I spent all my time setting up Word Press and the CSS just how I wanted it, so tomorrow I will work on actually posting content. More then…