Walkin’ That Walk

MSU Graduation 2007

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Well, the day has finally come…

If I haven’t been blogging lately (which I know I haven’t), it’s because I was getting my dissertation in good enough shape to feel that I could do this — walk across the stage in MSU’s graduation ceremony tonight – Hooray!

I am nearly done with the dissertation, with only minor revisions in my final two chapters to go before I submit a draft to my committee. I aim to defend it in late May and then, finally, I will be Dr. Hicks.

So, I am getting close(r). Only a few more steps and then this part of the journey will be complete.

Thanks to everyone for your support, encouragement, and suggestions on my writing. I’m almost there.

2 thoughts on “Walkin’ That Walk”

  1. Troy!

    CONGRATULATIONS! I’m so jealous – although I am pleased to report that I’m now 6 hours closer to walking that walk (but way far away)! We’ve good news here, as well. Katie was hooded with her master’s hood Friday night! She’s moving to Lexington, KY next week to start a job at Cardinal Hill Rehabilitation Hospital.


  2. Thanks, Karen. I bet that you are closer than you think!

    Congrats, too, to Katie and best wishes to her in her new role. I know that you will miss having her live close, but I am sure that IM and Skype will keep you connected!


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