Things to Try in 2008

Well, it is the night before classes start, and I still have that little flutter in my tummy — I had a mentor once who told me that was a good sign, because the semester you stop getting butterflies is the semester you should quit teaching. So, I either believe him, or he jinxed me. Either way, I am a bot nervous.

So, to get some of the nerves out, I will rekindle an annual tradition. Last year, I made a list of a few things that a digital teacher might want to try in 2007 in light of Time naming “you” as the person of the year in 2006. I will repost that list here and add a few more:

Last year’s list:

And, to add this year’s list:

That’s about all for now. I feel a bit better about preparing for tomorrow, and the rest of the year. Good luck in your tech adventures this semester.

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