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As I scanned my Google Alerts this morning, I was truly surprised, then deeply honored, to find a link to The Tech and Learning 100@30.

AS PART OF OUR 30TH-ANNIVERSARY CELEBRATION, Tech & Learning has compiled the first two of three lists of the 100 most important people: those leaders from the PAST who have shaped today’s edtech environment, and those leaders from the PRESENT who have been instrumental in the creation and advancement of the use of technology in education. These first 60 honorees appeared earlier this year. We now feature leaders in our last and possibly most challenging list, the FUTURE. These include students doing ground-breaking work in edtech, young entrepreneurs shaping the future of edtech, and those teachers changing classrooms around the nation. Let us know what you think at

Scrolling down the page, I found the following:

Troy Hicks, assistant professor at Central Michigan University, is the author of The Digital Writing Workshop published in 2009. The English professor is involved in Project WRITE (Writing, Reading, Inquiry and Technology Education). In 2007, 40 teachers formed a learning community to examine student work with the intent of identifying pedagogies and materials that improve adolescent literacy and thoughtful integration of technology. Hicks also is director of the Chippewa River Writing Project, a site of the National Writing Project that supports a summer institute for K-16 teachers of writing. Here he delves into ways that teachers can positively implement technology (i.e., podcasting, wikis, etc.) into their classrooms.

This list is amazing company to be included in, and I thank Tech and Learning for this recognition, as well as all my colleagues with whom I have collaborated that have made this work possible.

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