Digital Literacy Resource from USC Rossier School of Education

Earlier this spring, I was contacted by Brian Poles from 2U on behalf of USC’s Rossier School of Education, and he shared their new digital literacy resource, their “Toolkit for Digitally Literate Teachers.”

They make the case that “Digital literacy skills have become essential to academic, career and interpersonal success,” and the resources provided delve into¬†five different segments that include:

While the resources ultimately make a call to action for applying to Rossier, I do appreciate that they have curated this list of resources and made them available. And, as it happens, I can’t say that I am not trying to do something similar with resources from our own graduate program at CMU.

So, if you are interested in learning about more digital literacy resources, the “Toolkit for Digitally Literate Teachers” is a good place to begin.

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