Notes from Erin Reilly’s “Remix Culture for Learning” at SITE 2010

The Gap Between Life and Art: Remix Culture for Learning

Erin Reilly, University of Southern California

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2 thoughts on “Notes from Erin Reilly’s “Remix Culture for Learning” at SITE 2010”

  1. Erin Reilly speaks eloquently on the need for interactive education. Today studtents hae an unparralled advantqage in not only learning the ‘r’s but developing their intuitive nature leading to a better understanding if the world around them. Moreover, interactive particiaption will not only develop but discover new talents and creativity that might otherwise remain hidden\ – they open up. . Merging the various technogies, webbased programs and media establsihes a platform that educators can include in their tradional time proven lesson plans.

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